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Every day, through our Sun Prairie United Methodist Church, our hope allows lives to be touched, hearts to be stirred, and people to answer God’s call to be in ministry in many different ways.  This is why we can say that “Hope Is Our Future.”

John Wesley, our founder of Methodism, urged those in connection with him to “Earn all you can and save all you can, so that you can give all you can.”  He modeled modest living and sacrificial giving.

A commitment card helps the church to understand what kinds of gifts to expect and when to expect them.  By completing this card, you allow the church to move forward with a thoughtful, wise financial plan.

We are asking for a three year financial response that formally begins in January.  You decide your personal giving schedule – weekly, monthly, quarterly, one time gifts or asset transfers, or another schedule of your choice.  Decide on a plan that works for you; then, help the church understand your giving plan.

We welcome any contribution to the Capital Campaign.  You may make a contribution at any time by simply clicking on the “Donate” button to the left, or by giving via a check.  Please note on your donation in Paypal that this is for the “Capital Campaign.”  All contributions are tax deductible.

For more information or to fill out a commitment card online, please fill in the form below and our Financial Secretary will be contact with you.

To set up an automatic withdraw from your savings or checking account, simply click the green button below, print and fill out the form, and return it to the church office.  If you have questions, you can use the simple form below the green button to contact our church office.