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Capital Campaign FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a campaign to reduce debt?

Five years ago the church was updated and expanded to meet the needs of our growing congregation. The church took out a loan for $2.1 Million from the Conference. This loan plus the upfront donations made possible the following:

  • Total renovation of our sanctuary, including changing layout, pews, and sound system
  • Added Multipurpose room, entry for Sun Prairie Nursery School and welcoming portico
  • Remodeled the Chapel and added a new Conference Room
  • Changed the Wesley House from a home to an extension of the church space
  • Upgraded to our office and kitchen areas
  • Addressed safety, asbestos, and fire concerns

During the past 5 years, we have paid on the loan, just like you pay a mortgage on a house. We have reduced the debt from $2.1 Million to $1.5 Million. Over the next 3 years we want to further reduce this debt to enable us to be in a position to continue to grow our ministries in future years. There is also a financial benefit to paying off the loan before we the terms change to a variable rate with a balloon payment in future years.

How much of the pledged money during the 2011-2016 campaign was actually paid?

96% of the pledge money was paid over the past 5 years. This is an incredible number and a testament to the faithfulness of the people here at SPUMC.

Why are there 2 separate campaigns?

Annual giving goes to support the operating budget of the church. Annual giving pays our staff, supports programs, and keeps the lights on. The annual budget is mostly fixed.

The building campaign is specifically to fund reduction of the church debt and to pay for a new roof over part of our building. Traditionally major projects, like roof replacement, is paid for by a special appeal. This allows the annual giving to go directly back to the congregation.

What is the purpose of the commitment card?

Commitment cards help us plan and is a promise from you to God. It is not a legally binding contract but a signal of your faith and commitment to God’s work. We encourage all regular attendees to signal their intention to support our ministries by returning both commitment cards.

How can I MAKE MY GIFT and how do I note the difference between annual giving and the capital fund?

Envelopes for cash or check gifts are provided for members and can also be found in the pew backs. These have a space to designate where your donation will be used. Checks or cash can be placed in the envelope and given during the offering time during each service. Electronic Fund Transfer is another way to plan your giving. You can just make sure the church office is aware of what your wishes are for designation of those funds and we will apply it appropriately. Finally, appreciated stock is another great gift. Please call the church office if you have a gift of this kind.

All donations to SPUMC are tax deductible.