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“When I am afraid, I put my trust in God. In God, whose
word I praise, in God I trust; I am not afraid.”
–Psalm 56:3-4

A couple of weeks ago during one of our nice spring-like days I decided to go through the car wash to get a layer of the winter salt and grime off my car.  There was a long line for what is called the ‘Free Touch’ car wash, so I decided to try what is called the ‘Soft Touch’ wash.  This was my first time using the ‘Soft Touch’ wash, but there was no waiting line.  I was a bit taken back by the list of directions and warnings that are required to be read before the entrance gate to the wash will open.  One of the directions said that you must ‘give up control’ of the car by placing the car in neutral and allow the track of the car wash to propel your car forward.

Not being one that likes to ‘give up control,’ I was a bit apprehensive, but continued since there was now another car waiting behind me and I really wanted my car washed.  After relinquishing control, a huge black roller started descending toward my windshield, followed by giant bands of cloth that looked like octopus tentacles that covered up all the side windows.  I felt like I was being swallowed up and felt a bit claustrophobic as the car was slowly pulled forward.

But then I saw the light, so to speak!  In fact, I saw two lights…the natural light from the outside as the door to the car wash opened and a neon lighted sign that read “RELAX.”  That reminder to ‘RELAX,’ was exactly what I needed to see.  The sign seemed to affirm my feelings of anxiety, but also gave me permission to breath and smile…I had made it through!

In these interesting days of uncertainty, rescheduling, anxiety and perhaps feelings of giving up control with the steps we are taking to stop the spread of Coronavirus, we need to be reminded to RELAX.  We will get through this time.  It will be harder for some than others, but together we can help each other, pray for one another, and continue to do the next faithful thing until this season passes.

In an interview once with poet Maya Angelou she said, “What I know is that it’s going to be better.”  She quoted a country song that says, ‘Every storm runs out of rain.’  Then Maya Angelou said, “No matter how dull and seemingly unpromising life is right now, it’s going to change.  It’s going to be better, but you have to keep working.”

May we all keep working on putting our trust in God and washing our hands!