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Putting the Amazing back in Grace

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“The Lord has promised good to me, God’s word my hope secures;
God will my shield and portion be, as long as life endures.”
–“Amazing Grace” (UMH #378 vs. 4)

Author Ann Weems has a collection of poems entitled “Putting the Amazing Back in Grace” that reflect on the church of her childhood and youth, and her personal faith story as it developed through the influences of family, culture, and religion.

When we pay attention in our day to day lives we are privileged to see the amazing side of grace in so much around us. I often have the blessing of seeing that grace through the eyes and imaginations of children in church.

A couple of weeks ago, that amazing grace could be seen as a young child came up to me after worship and told me with a sense of wonder and awe how “cool” he thought children’s time and was with what came out of the ‘mystery bag.’ Then, with just as much wonder and awe, he moved on to talking about swimming and his goldfish and summer and how he thinks God’s favorite season is summer because you get to play outside more.

As adults, I don’t know how we ever got so un-amazed, but in this week, I invite us to put the amazing back in grace as we experience our living and stand in the mystery and awe of God’s creation.

An old African proverb says, “You can’t be enchanted with something if you try to understand everything.”

May your week be amazing and enchanting!