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“Trust in God at all times, O people; pour out your heart before God; God is a refuge for us.”
–Psalm 62:8

On a visit I made last week, the person pointed out the wreath that was hanging on the service door leading into the garage. Imbedded in the top of the wreath was a bird nest. Tucked in the nest and well camouflaged within the design of the wreath, were four baby birds. It was fascinating to watch these infant birds move from being snuggled together in what looked like a ball of fuzzy feathers, to holding their mouths open when it was time to be fed.

It almost seemed as if the mother bird had abandoned the nest as she was nowhere to be seen. But, the baby birds, who did not even have their eyes open yet, continued to hold their mouths open in complete trust that they would be fed. And soon, the mother bird returned to the nest and dropped bits of nourishment into the mouths of her babies. Then the mother bird flew off and sat in a nearby tree and kept watch over the nest until it was time to feed her babies again.

These baby birds and the mother bird provided a wonderful reminder lesson about trust. When we are babies, we are completely depended on parents or loved ones to care for us; we can do nothing on our own. We may have that same experience of trusting dependence as we grow older and need more care. Yet, it seems that in the young adult and middle years of our lives, we lose that need to trust and depend on others.

But when we think about it, we put trust in others every day and in many different situations. If we are traveling, we put our trust in whoever is driving or if we are flying, we put our trust in a pilot we may not ever see. In our health care, we put our trust in doctors and medical staff and depend on their expertise to offer us the best care.

Trust is also a big part of our faith journey. As people of faith, we are called to have a trusting dependence on God. In a world where dependency is seen as weakness or immaturity, our trust and dependence on God is to be our way of life. “Trust in God at all times,” the Psalmist reminds us and, “pour out your heart before God.” In this way, God is a place of refuge and strength for us.

In this week, may we be aware of all the places and people in whom we put our trust and may we be aware of all the opportunities to be reminded of trusting dependence, even in such gifts as baby birds.


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