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Life-Giving Water

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“As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God,
for the living God…Hope in God; for I shall again praise God, my help and my God.”
–Psalm 42:1-2a, 11b

In traveling around Sun Prairie, I often pass by the old stone water tower on the corner of Cliff and Columbus St., next to the former Methodist Church building. That water tower was built in 1899 and became a historical site 100 years later in 1999. I also often pass by the brightly painted red and white Sun Prairie water tower near Sheehan Park. Both water towers stand as striking beacons in the city. Most cities have tall water towers with the name of the city painted in large letters on the water tank. Water towers serve as helpful markers in knowing what city you are driving through. But what is the real purpose of water towers?

Water towers are tall and often placed on high ground, so that they can provide adequate pressure to deliver water to homes, businesses and for fire protection in case of an emergency. Water towers serve as reservoirs that hold a million or more gallons of water, which is usually enough to keep a city operational for a day. Water towers are able to supply water even during a power outage because of the pressure produced by the elevation of the water tank that allows gravity to push the water into the distribution system.

All of this has made me wonder about the reserves and reservoirs of our faith. Are we continuing to grow in our faith so that when emergencies or difficult times come, we have enough in our ‘faith tank’ to draw from and carry us through? Just as God’s creation longs for streams of flowing water for survival, our own souls long and thirst for God and God’s presence and strength. We grow in our faith through worship, prayer, study, fellowship and service to others. Those disciplines also build up our faith reserves that we can draw from in times of need.

May we work to build up our faith so that like a water tank, we have a reserve of life-giving water to see us through.


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