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Come to the Table

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“They followed a daily discipline of worship in the Temple followed by meals
at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful, as they praised God.”
Acts 2:46 (The Message)

The New Testament is full of stories of Jesus eating with people or showing up unannounced at a table to share a meal. Jesus clearly and consistently modeled the importance of being together and eating together at the table. The early church also knew the importance of meals together at the table and rarely considered eating alone. Table fellowship was a key part of the common life together. Eating with others at the table reminded them of Jesus and the breaking in of God’s kingdom in daily life. So eating together was important to the early church, not just for food and fellowship, but for remembering Jesus.

In our Lenten study book titled Come & Eat, author Bri McKoy writes that, “It’s clear Jesus knew something about the power of a meal. It’s clear that for him it wasn’t as much about what was placed on the table as who was placed at the table.”

McKoy also writes about the importance of conversations at our tables that draw us closer to one another and help us remember that conversations were important to Jesus. She says that when we can make a place for ourselves at our own table everyday…a place where we want to show up, then we will better be able to create space for others at our table or create space for ourselves at other people’s tables.

In this growing season of Lent, may we remember Jesus and his table habits. Then, at whatever type of tables we eat our meals, may we be intentional about making it a space we want to be at and may we also be intentional to make others feel welcome and comfortable at our tables.