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Frozen Thankfulness

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“God is my strength and my shield; in God my heart trusts;
so I am helped, and my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to God.”
–Psalm 28:7

If you are reading this, then you endured what was called a polar vortex of record-setting sub-zero temperatures and wind chills that at times dipped to nearly 60 below zero last week! For at least two days, it felt like the neighborhoods were frozen shut with very little sign of human life moving around. If you were one who was able to stay home from school or work, perhaps you got to spend time with your children or get at some long awaited projects, like sorting and cleaning closets or draws.

Then on Friday, when the weather ‘warmed up’ to 15 above zero, it was like everyone was let out of their houses at the same time! Restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations were packed and there was a long lineup of people getting their cars washed.

Of course, we know not everyone got to stay home during the super sub-zero weather. For many, enduring meant working outside or needing to get bundled up, start the car and travel to work. During the week of weather extremes, I was thankful and praying for police, fire and EMS personnel, who needed to carry on to keep others safe; for the tow truck drivers, who were jumpstarting or towing vehicles that would not start; for those who work at medical facilities and care center, who had to make their way into work to care for others; and for those who work to help the homeless who do not have adequate shelter or food; and the list goes on.

As we thaw out this week and the polar vortex weather becomes a distant memory written in our record books, may thankfulness for those who endure extremes to care for others be something that stays frozen in place in our hearts and minds.