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In the End is our Beginning

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“’I am the Alpha and the Omega,’ says the Lord God,
‘the one who is and was and is coming, the Almighty.’”
–Revelation 1:8

The poet T.S. Elliott once wrote, “In the end is our beginning.” This too is the truth of our Christian faith. In the Christian life the beginning and the end are exactly the same. We start with Christ and we end with Christ.

Yesterday, was Christ the King or Reign of Christ Sunday and marked the end of the Christian year on the church calendar. Next Sunday, Advent begins and we start the new Christian year. From one Sunday to the next, we will acknowledge the end of the earthly life and kingship of Christ and the beginning of our preparing for the coming of the Christ child as Emmanuel—God with us.

The life and death of Jesus and his birth were steeped in humbleness. We tend to think of kings or queens as living in very grand ways. Yet Jesus lived in very humble ways. Rather than wearing a crown of jewels for recognition, Jesus wore and used a towel for service and then died with a crown of thorns on his head.

Jesus did not rule over a kingdom, but witnessed more closely to the truth about who God is, by in essence removing the ‘g’ from the word ‘kingdom’ to form the ‘kindom’ of God…we are all related as ‘kin’ in God’s eyes. Christ’s kindom has defined all of us as people who matter…who belong to God and one another.

As we move toward the season of Advent, may we acknowledge that we are all part of God’s ‘kindom.’ And in that kinship, may we rest in the assurance that our beginning, our ending and all of life in between belongs to the truth of who God is through Jesus the Christ.