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“How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? … I will sing to the Lord, because God has dealt bountifully with me.”
–Psalm 13:1, 6

So often our days and weeks are filled with contrasts. This past week was no exception. A couple contrasts stand out to me. One was in hearing the news of former First Lady, Barbara Bush passing away at the age of 92 and in the same week a great grandchild being born into her family…the contrast of life and death.

Scripture is filled with contrasts also, especially the Psalms. Many of the 150 Psalms in the Bible begin in anguish and lament and by the end of the Psalm the words are that of joy and thanksgiving. In Psalm 13 for instance, the Psalmist begins by lamenting and questioning how long God will be absent. Then by the end of the Psalm, the Psalmist is singing words of thanksgiving for God’s abundance and presence. In some Psalms, the Psalmist goes back and forth several times between lament and joy in the same Psalm.

All of this is to say that contrasts are part of our everyday lives. Certainly there are times we would prefer less contrast in life, but in this continued Easter season, may we find comfort in knowing that those who have come before us in faith experienced contrasts and also found strength in God’s presence.


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