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Thankfulness Leads to Hope

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“O give thanks to the Lord, for God is good; God’s steadfast love endures forever!”
–Psalm 118:1


Advent, the season of preparing and waiting for the coming of the Christ Child, begins this next weekend and always comes shortly after Thanksgiving Day in our part of the world. The weekly themes of Advent are, Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. We always start Advent with Hope, which seems a perfect next step after Thanksgiving.

There is not a magic formula to thankfulness, but a spirit of thankfulness does open us to an attitude of hope. Thankfulness leads to hope and hope keeps us mindful of God’s strengthening presence. Our lives are so often a mingling of blessing and sorrow. A thankful, hopeful mindset does not make the reality of life’s problems or our own challenging circumstances go away, but thankfulness and hope keeps us in touch with God as our refuge and strength.

We certainly are not thankful FOR all things in life, but when we can thank God in the midst of all things, we will better sense God’s steadfast, enduring love.

We have a choice each day to be thankful and hopeful. As we prepare our hearts, minds and souls for another Advent season, I invite you to continue to nurture a thankful attitude and as that thankfulness leads to hope, find ways to be an instrument of hope to others.

In Thankfulness & Hope,