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Faithful & Thankful

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“How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!”

–Matthew 23:37b

I did not notice until last week, but a mother Robin has built her nest and is now nesting on top of the porch light fixture on my patio! Knowing I did not want to disturb the nesting mother, my first reaction was to wonder how long it would be before I could go out my patio door and enjoy sitting outside in my patio chairs. So, I quickly looked up how long robins sit on their eggs before they hatch and then how long before those baby birds will be leaving the nest.

I discovered that it takes about two weeks to hatch the eggs and another 2-3 weeks of mother’s care before the young robins will be ready to make it on their own. So, over the next month I will enjoy looking out the patio door and watching new life come into being.

I have already noticed the tremendous tenacity and faithful work it must have taken for this robin to build the tightly woven and perfectly shaped nest with dry grasses, twigs and string. I have also observed the faithful job this robin is doing keeping the eggs warm until it is time for them to hatch. She rarely leaves the nest for more than five minutes at a time and has sat on the eggs day and night; and through thunder, lightening, heavy rain and high winds.

All this is to say I believe we can learn a great deal about faithful love and care from God’s feathered creatures. The verse from the Gospel of Matthew gives us a wonderful female image of God gathering her children like a hen gathers her little ones under her wings.

Watching a mother bird faithfully care for the eggs that will soon become the baby birds she will care for, is also an opportunity to offer thanks for those that have been faithful to our upbringing, to our well-being, and perhaps to offering care for us now.

As the season of spring continues to unfold, may we take a lesson from the birds in being faithful and thankful.