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Reconciling Ministries

Sun Prairie United Methodist Church is a community committed to H.O.P.E.(Hospitality – Offering Christ – Purposeful living – Engaging our communities).

In 2013, our church voted to become a Reconciling congregation.  In that declaration, we have said that, “Our welcome knows no boundaries.”

We believe there are no limits to God’s love and we seek to model that love in the way we welcome people…all people.

Part of being a Reconciling congregation means we welcome all people, regardless of their personal characteristics of age, race, gender, ability, gender identity or sexual orientation.

SPUMC is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN).  The mission of the Reconciling Ministries Network is to mobilize United Methodists of all sexual orientations and gender identities to transform our Church and world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love.  You can read more about RMN at their website here.

Monthly Caller Article

Did you know that Reconciling Ministries has an article featured each month in the Caller?  To see our September feature written by Carol Esser, click on this link and scroll to page 8:

Listening Session in Preparation for the 2019 Special General Conference

The Wisconsin Delegation to General Conference 2019 is hosting nine listening sessions around the state to allow feedback about the proposals. We will host one of the listening sessions at SPUMC on Thursday, October 25th beginning at 7 pm.  Please see the October Caller article for more information.  Click here and scroll to page 4:

Reconciling Ministries

A recollection by a church member…

Reconciling Ministries has been like another family to me. It’s where I can share my world and be proactive as the mother of a son who is gay. My ministry involvement is a journey of love and learning.My own story is one of my sons did not ‘come out’ till he was in college, across the country. It took years for him to feel comfortable with sharing his whole identity in life with friends, family, and others. I regret not knowing and ‘being there’ for him during those earlier years.
So, I put my energies into helping create a world which is kinder and easier for those who experience lack of acceptance due to their sexual identity. Most of us on the Reconciling Ministries have a loved one who is LGBTQ, have known or worked closely with a gay or questioning person. We belong to an open and affirming church.We believe God created each of us in a unique and special way, He created you in love and blesses you. Our church will share kindness, acceptance and encouragement.Sun Prairie United Methodist Church believes in a loving God. We each can bless someone as we connect with them in church, in community, in working towards a more fair, tolerant and just world.Do you care about a loved one who is on this spiritual journey? Work with kids who may need a friendly listener? Is this your own journey? Want to know more? Join us!  Blessings

Suggested Book Readings:

This book list was prepared and offered by GSAFE, a group which teaches and promotes safety and acceptance in schools for all students, along with Madison,Wisconsin Public Library. This list is available at the library and published with their permission.

Knowledge is a key to growth and reading is a great way to learn and enjoy at the same time. May you find books to encourage and enlighten you!

Book List