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Be Alert to Blessings

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“The Lord’s word came to me saying, ‘I will give them and those around my hill a
blessing by sending the rain in its season. They will be showers of blessing.”
–Ezekiel 34:26

In this week that includes Thanksgiving Day, perhaps we are reflecting more closely on the blessings in our lives. In a book simply titled ‘Blessings,’ author Julia Cameron offers a reflection called ‘I Am Alert to My Blessings.’ I offer you her words of reflection and invite you to be alert to your own blessings in these days.

“I open my eyes, ears, and heart to the goodness all around me. Rather than focus on grand moments of dramatic change, I focus instead on the slight, steady, constant flow of improvement in my life. In every circumstance, in each encounter, I tabulate a small, hidden blessing. I allow God to guide me into new eyes, clearer vision, the insight necessary to count and encounter my abundance. My desire to see my abundant blessings gives me eyes to see. My desire to hear my blessings gives me ears to hear. The desire of my heart to encounter and explore my blessings opens my inner horizons to depths and heights which are expansive, inspiring, and beautiful. I bless the alert attention which connects me to this world.”