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“In you, O God, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame. In your righteousness deliver me and rescue me;
incline your ear to me and save me.”
–Psalm 71:1-2

God never fails to meet us where we are, and exactly how and who we are. For God, no one is a lost cause and no one is expendable.

Our society is so fearful of the things in life that bring us low and weigh us down with sorrow and pain. We can easily be drawn into hurrying ourselves and others through pain and grief; as much for our own comfort as for others.

Being in pain or being with someone who is in pain can be uncomfortable. We often feel helpless in the face of inner wounds that cannot be bandaged or easily healed. But God invites us to stay in that uncomfortable place. This is where human suffering and the love of God meet. And while it may be messy, it is holy ground, to be honored.

Then with God’s help, we will find that we have the capacity within us to influence our circumstances in a positive, life-giving way.

We can ask ourselves questions like, what is it that we allow to most influence our circumstances? Does the pressure, position or volume of what is happening outside of us overshadow and drown out what is within us? Can we list for ourselves the qualities of the capacity within us? Which of these qualities will we live from today and in the days to come?

May your insides influence what is outside and around you in ways that bring life and goodness and compassion, which are all gifts of God.


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