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Everything I Need to Know About Being a part of a Faith Community I learned in a Kindergarten Church School Classroom

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It’s the time of year when the school supplies are back on the shelves, the back to school clothes shopping is in full swing, and the parents are counting the days until the structure and routine of the educational system enter our lives. I noticed just this week that the leaves on the big tree in my backyard are starting to turn colors and fall to the ground. I have to admit my favorite time of year is about to begin.

Here at church we are busy getting ready for the return of our Church School ministries. We are praying about the leaders who will be a part of our teaching teams. The curriculum for each classroom is sitting by my desk in a box ready to be open. We opened online registration this past week for our families to sign up for all the ways their children and youth will participate come September. We even our finishing some fun update and remodeling projects in our education wing. I can’t wait for our church members to see them. I am a little jealous that the rooms are so fun and bright.

This week I will celebrate my fifth year of being on staff here at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church. It has been a joy for me to interact with so many families and share the good news and stories of our faith. The truth is I learn just as much from the kids who are a part of this church as I have hopefully taught them.

In fact, everything I need to know about being a part of faith community, I have learned in our Kindergarten Church School Classroom.

1.Church is fun. Kindergarteners love to play. They love to sing. They love to create. They love God. Each class time is filled with joy as they do all these
things as more. There is very little complaining about church being “boring” in our kindergarten room.

2.When we all share, we all learn. The teachers in this room love to ask questions and take time to share about their days with kids. It is amazing to listen
to kids talking about all the exciting things happening in their lives. It is also very powerful when a kid shares a not so powerful thing and their fellow
church friends pray with them in class.

3.Kindergarteners are not afraid of what others think. When kids are this little there is little judgement and little self consciousness. These kiddos ask
questions. They ask good questions. As we get older, we become more aware of what others think. We may not ask a question because we are worried about how
others will perceive us.

4.Kindergarteners notice when someone is missing. And they aren’t afraid to ask where that person is. Sometimes as adults, we are too busy or to focused on
ourselves to notice when a friend is missing from church. Even when we do notice someone is missing we may not know how or who to ask about that person’s

Maybe the most important lesson that I have learned and continue to learn from this students is that church is a place where it is safe to be myself!

As you are making your back to school plans I hope that you will take time to pray for our kiddos and their teachers. I also hope you will consider supporting this ministry in some way.

Happy Last Days of Summer to You!!

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