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The Good Life!

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“The thief enters only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came so that they could have life—indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest.” John 10:10

Last Saturday 3 students, 2 adult leaders, and myself returned from an amazing week of missions in Marvell, Arkansas. We went through a wonderful organization named YouthWorks out of Minneapolis. If you are unfamiliar with YouthWorks they host dozens of mission sites in communities all across the United States and some out of the country. Each year one of the things they do at every site, is to have a spiritual theme that the participants of the trip focus on during their week of serving. YouthWorks’ theme this summer was The Good Life, based on the John 10:10.

Each morning over the course of the week we would all spread out and have our own devotional time for 30 minutes. We each had a devotional book they gave us that encouraged us to read over the verses of the day, answer some of the questions, and to really reflect on where we were on our journey of faith. During our devotional times, one of the main things they wanted us to think about was what made our life good. Was it items we owned, relationships with people, or knowledge? There was an endless amount of possibilities we could answer. However, the main point that continually was coming up was that it wasn’t the things we owned that made life good, it was what God provided for lives. Not only that, but that God is for us.

When thinking about these truths, I realized that sometimes it’s hard to feel like God wants good for our life. We can become wrapped up in what’s going on wrong in our lives and or the world that we can forget that God is good and that goodness is what he wants for our us. Over the days spent in Marvell, I began to challenge myself to see what God had placed in my life that made it good. It was cool to see how God reminded me during the week and opened my eyes to the things that he was doing to make my life good. It’s funny how we can sometimes forget just how awesome God is.

Moving forward in the weeks ahead, I’m still going to challenge myself to become more aware of the goodness God has placed in my life. I encourage you to join me on this journey. You too may be surprised at how God shows up or reminds you of something amazing in your life.

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