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Rocky Mountain High!

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I just returned last night from our 12th year of attending the GenOn LOGOS Youth Summit in Estes Park, Colorado. This is a week where a group, 18 of us this year, grow in faith together. We grow through worship, Bible Study, prayer, music, games and recreation, food and fellowship together, just like in our LOGOS program here at SPUMC. However, out there we grow together in a camp-like setting in the beautiful, breathtaking scenery of mountains, trees and water. When you’re out in the mountains, you realize how big God really is.

This year the theme for the Conference was “In the Eye of the Storm” and was based on the Psalms. Each morning and evening, we had worship, where someone shared how God has worked in their lives through their own “storms”. We will all go through our own storms, but we were reminded that God is walking beside us, holding us up and guiding us along the way. He puts people in our path to help us get us through those storms. We just have to keep looking for His help and accept it.

One of the nights, one of our adult chaperones, Carrie Anciaux, shared her message during worship of “Faith over Fear” and how she has seen God through her cancer diagnosis. It was an amazing message of God’s power and His love and was inspiring to every person there. She instantly gained 100 more prayer warriors!
We had an unexpected free afternoon on Friday and our church group found a beautiful outdoor chapel overlooking the beautiful mountains. It was very impromptu, but we sang songs, laughed, prayed and just took in God’s love and beauty and reflected on the amazing week we had just had together. Every single person prayed in our group and they weren’t just one sentence prayers. They were prayers from their hearts and I could tell that every single person felt closer to God after that week. It was probably one of my favorite days in the last 12 years at the LOGOS Youth Summit and one I will never forget.

I hope you were able to be in worship this past weekend, as the LOGOS participants shared some of our week with the congregation and Carrie shared her message of “Faith over Fear”. It was an amazing testimony to God’s power and strength and that even though we face our own storms, He never leaves our side and is constantly reminding us of His love for us. And if you ever get the chance to join us at the LOGOS Genon Youth Summit, please do. Get out of your comfort zone and grow in faith together with some awesome youth and young adults. You will get back more than you give, I can promise you that!

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